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Mutant 101 - Professor Xavier Should Put In A Call To Her Parents - 5 Year Old Mia Stares Down marvelentertainment's Cast Of Guardians Of The Galaxy As She Crushes Them In A Game Of GotG Trivia On jimmykimmellive [X

Vin Diesel in the background looking at her like “SHE’S PERFECT.  WANT ONE.”

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why does everyone always associate satan with heavy metal

for all we know satan could like smooth jazz


Spot on, Buffy fandom.

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I would have given her away to a serial killer, I was so desperate.

American mother on her 12-year-old adopted daughter.

From When Children Are Traded, published November 20, 2013 in The New York Times.

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I remember reading the Reuters investigative report on foreign adoptions gone wrong this year - there are white people who repeatedly adopt foreign children or buy them underground online.  I still think about that article every day, and this quote or something similar to it appeared in many parents’ mouths - that they wouldn’t mind having someone kill their children than have to spend another minute with them.

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But to racist Americans trying to silence adoptees and POC when we shed light on yet another case of adopted child abandonment, this growing cesspool of child trafficking and abuse counts as “POSSIBLY NOTHING

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Biphobes be like

God, did I giggle though.

  • Persephone: it pisses me off that people ignore the hymn to my mom that talks about how great we are together and instead believe this is against my will
  • Persephone: I mean I have you tied to the bed how would I not be into this
  • Hades: please can we not talk about your mom during sex it's really uncomfortable

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